Allendale Borough Council Nods Through Salary Supplements, New Dispatcher

In a special session convened on Monday, June 26, 2023, the Allendale Borough Council discussed several measures, despite the absence of Councilwoman Homan and Councilman O’Connell. Among the key decisions taken were the approval of a recurrent Crestwood Lake salary supplement and the appointment of a new radio police dispatcher.

Presided over by Mayor Wazinski, the 9 A.M. meeting progressed through the routine roll call and pledge of allegiance, followed by the discussion of the day’s agenda.

The focus of the meeting was the consent agenda, which encompassed items of potential importance to the town. One of the items approved was the Crestwood Lake salary supplement, which, as Mayor Wazinski indicated, appears on the agenda approximately “every two weeks”. The specifics of the supplement were not elaborated upon in this meeting.

Also confirmed was the appointment of a new radio police dispatcher. Although the council did not discuss the details of the appointee or their qualifications during the meeting, the role is essential for maintaining public safety and effective communication within the police department.

The council agreed upon some tax adjustments on Burrow Line Road, which could potentially influence the property tax bills of residents in this area.

Councilwoman Lopez Solo, Councilman O’Toole, Councilman Yaccarino, and Councilman Delavizio all cast their votes in favor of the consent agenda. There was no vocal opposition or debate on the decisions, and the council quickly moved on to the next order of business.

Following the vote, the floor was opened for public commentary on any item on the agenda or any other concerns. However, no comments were presented from the public during this session.

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