We believe that democracy only works when we can see it.​

Policy decisions at the local level matter. Our schools, rights, and safety are shaped by what happens in city council sessions, school board hearings, and other local meetings.

But, for a growing number of Americans, local government decision-making is invisible. Finding and interpreting local government records is difficult and confusing. Shrinking local news, combined with the sheer number of local meetings, is leaving millions at risk of having no way of following local policymaking.

We’re working to democratize local democracy: leveraging new technologies to build infrastructure that makes the work of local government accessible to every American in every community.

Our mission is to:

Cover what's happening in every community in America​

The work of local government should be accessible to all. After every local meeting, we summarize what happened: the public comments, the deliberation, and the votes. Our debriefs aim to be helpful not only for knowing what's happening in your own town, but also in communities across the country.

Enable journalists to hold local officials accountable

We are no replacement for in-depth local reporting. We aim to be part of the infrastructure that makes local news possible by serving as a resource for local journalists stretched too thin to attend every local meeting.

Empower advocates to influence local policy

A vibrant democracy demands informed citizens. We strive to give advocacy groups and individuals a starting point for getting involved and shaping the future of their community. We foster civic engagement, ensure accountability, and make it simple to be engaged.

See what's happening in your community: