Allendale Celebrates First Female Sergeant and Addresses Community Hunger

In a recent celebratory meeting, the Allendale Borough Council witnessed a historic moment with the swearing-in of four sergeants, including Allendale’s first female sergeant, Jamie Hilgartner.

New sergeants Dan Rosendahl, Kevin Acevedo, Jamie Hilgartner, and Alex Helmer stood to affirm their support for the Constitution of the United States and the state of New Jersey, pledging to perform their duties faithfully, impartially, and justly. The council members reminisced about the officers’ eagerness to join the force and expressed their support for the police department under Chief Dillon’s leadership.

Each resolution authorizing the promotions was approved unanimously. The ceremony was followed by a celebration, with council members extending their congratulations and sharing light-hearted moments.

In other developments at the meeting, Mayor Amy Wilczynski proclaimed September as Hunger Action Month. The proclamation highlighted the increasing food insecurity in the borough, exacerbated by economic challenges and the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Mayor thanked John Gill for his dedication to the Borough Hall food pantry and emphasized the council’s resolve to support local food initiatives, including an upcoming food drive in October.

Environmental sustainability was also at the forefront of the meeting, with the council spotlighting community composting efforts. The Green Team, represented by Councilwoman Susanne Lovisolo, welcomed guest speakers and discussed initiatives aimed at environmental betterment, including a compost collection service. The council expressed its appreciation for the sharing of information between towns and acknowledged the potential impact of these initiatives on the community’s environmental goals.

In addition to addressing environmental concerns, the council welcomed new colleagues, including Isabel Kenneban Pena, a senior at Northern Highlands, introduced as the new mayor and council intern. The council also celebrated the unveiling of community art projects and the renovation of Allendale Senior Living, emphasizing the importance of community engagement and interaction.

Councilman Joseph Daloisio provided updates on the Land Use Committee’s review of the borough code, discussing potential amendments and the importance of stormwater management. Councilwoman Lovisolo commended Daloisio for his efforts to make the land use board process more accessible to residents and discussed organizational changes in Borough Hall aimed at improving efficiency and residents’ experience.

Water and sewer issues were also addressed, with updates on the temporary treatment facilities and the upcoming temporary shutdown of the West Crescent well. The council acknowledged the partnership with Veolia and expressed gratitude for the community’s support, looking forward to positive developments in public safety.

To foster community interaction, the council announced the “Coffee with the Mayor and Council and Coffee with the Cop” initiative, scheduled for October 17th. This initiative, praised for its potential to strengthen community bonds, aims to facilitate interaction between the community and new police officers.

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