Allendale Council Approves Bond for Community Center, Regulates Bamboo Growth

The Allendale Borough Council recently unanimously approved a bond ordinance for various public improvements, including a new community center, and introduced regulations against bamboo growth due to resident concerns. The meeting also addressed other community initiatives and infrastructure projects.

The bond ordinance, 23-14, was a major highlight of the meeting. This ordinance authorizes public improvements which include the construction of a new community center and a new concession stand. The contract for the Allendale community center was awarded to Jalo Construction Corp, with an anticipated completion timeline set for June 2024.

Another key topic was the introduction of Ordinance 23-15, initiated due to resident complaints about the invasive species of bamboo. The ordinance aims to regulate the planting or growing of bamboo within the borough, underlining the council’s commitment to environmental concerns.

In addition to these ordinances, the council also introduced Ordinance 23-16, which aims to revise the borough code regarding awnings for basic maintenance, including mildew and bird droppings. The consent agenda at the meeting included changes to the date of the November meeting and the hiring of more SLEO officers, indicating an ongoing focus on public safety.

Councilman Edward O’Connell reported on completed infrastructure projects, such as the Clock Tower renovation, water valve replacements in Borough Hall, and light bulb replacements in the library. Councilwoman Susanne Lovisolo unveiled the Admin HR Committee’s progress in restructuring and organizational changes in Borough Hall.

The council also discussed ongoing community initiatives, such as a composting presentation by Mark Savastano to a local Daisy troop and the addition of three new sergeants to the Public Safety Committee. The council also announced the retirement of Municipal Judge Norton.

The council further addressed roadwork and infrastructure projects, including the closure of East Allandale Avenue due to PSG work and the Gary Laesi Memorial blood drive. The meeting also highlighted the borough’s commitment to liaising with public service departments to ease traffic congestion during gas infrastructure upgrade projects.

In legal and administrative matters, the council discussed the “220 West Crescent” project, now technically “210 West Crescent”, which will become the community center, and the issue of fair share housing. The Mayor and Councilwoman Lovisolo attended a roundtable discussion to strategize on legislative guidance for the 2025 round.

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