Allendale Land Use Board Debates Two Construction Proposals; Decisions Deferred to October 18th

In a recent meeting of the Allendale Land Use Board, two construction applications sparked in-depth discussions. The council members extensively debated an application for a two-story addition necessitating several variances, and an application for a house exceeding current zoning requirements. The council also addressed matters related to tree removals, borough code amendments, and local aesthetics.

Michael Zoli and Samantha Danubio’s application for a two-story addition sparked significant discourse among council members. The proposal required variances for side yard, combined side yard, and floor area ratio (FAR). Architect John Caro noted that the project size had been reduced to meet the side yard and combined side yard requirements. However, the FAR remained a sticking point, exceeding the maximum allowed by 2%. Board members engaged in a debate about the project’s size, the potential impact on neighboring properties, and the necessity for a generator. Despite general appreciation for the project’s improved conformity, several members emphasized the need for strict adherence to setback and coverage requirements.

The council also discussed an application from architect Mary Str, proposing a four-bedroom house and garage. The proposed home’s total square footage of 4981 would far exceed the lot size, falling short of the 26,000 square footage zoning requirement. As a result, a variance for the side yard setback was requested. The council expressed concerns about the removal of six trees during construction and suggested potential street tree replacements. Mary assured the council that landscaping would follow construction, but the specific trees for removal were not delineated. The council also debated the aesthetic impact of the proposed house on the neighborhood, considering its scale and conformity with other homes.

Other topics of discussion during the meeting included the prohibition of bamboo planting within the borough and a potential addition to the borough code regarding the cleanliness and safety of awnings and canopies. The council also addressed concerns related to exterior lighting and the need for engineer’s approval and compliance with construction standards.

The board concluded without a final decision on both construction applications, adjourning the meeting and carrying the applications to the October 18th meeting.

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