Allendale School Board Focuses on Teacher Partnerships and Personnel Changes

In a recent meeting, the Allendale Board of Education laid out plans for collaboration with Ramapo College to strengthen its teaching program and made significant changes in personnel, marking a focus on continuous improvement in education.

Held at the Brookside School Learning Commons on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, the meeting was convened by Mrs. Rosner and Mrs. Gundersen. With most board members in attendance, the meeting was filled with announcements, decisions, and plans for the future of the Allendale school district.

In his report, Superintendent Dr. Michael Barcadepone announced a proposed partnership between Allendale schools and Ramapo College. Under this partnership, senior students from the college would observe classrooms one day per week, a move aimed at enriching the district’s teacher training program. The superintendent’s meeting with the students was part of an effort to establish a robust partnership with Ramapo to develop a better program for future educators. Dr. Barcadepone also held a meeting with architects to explore cafeteria furniture options for the district.

Another significant discussion of the meeting centered on personnel changes within the district. Carrie Rooney, a third-grade teacher at Hillside School, submitted her resignation, which was accepted with regret. Additionally, several appointments were made, including Mrs. Katherine Stripeikis as Secretary to the Principal at Hillside School, Mr. Matthew Buckley as a third-grade teacher at Hillside School, and Ms. Patricia Bonan as a first-grade teacher at Hillside School, among others.

Adding to the educational improvements, the board acknowledged the efforts of Hillside teachers who worked with the District’s Instructional Coach to improve student instruction. Notably, two field trips were approved for fourth-grade students to visit the Liberty Science Center and for seventh and eighth-grade students to present their Law Adventure original 2023 case at the NJ State Bar Foundation.

In financial matters, the Board approved the Bills List dated April 12, 2023, amounting to $861,660.83. They also passed a resolution approving unavoidable travel costs related to the promotion of instruction and efficient operation of the school district.

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