Alpine Advances Measures for Community Investment and Salutes Local Servant’s Legacy

In a recent convocation on April 26, 2023, the Alpine Borough Council took significant strides in advancing community initiatives and acknowledged a local leader’s dedicated service. The council members unanimously approved a series of resolutions and ordinances focused on community uplift, fiscal prudence, and public safety.

The meeting held in Alpine Borough Hall, New Jersey, began with Mayor Paul H. Tomasko recognizing Councilwoman Vicki Frankel’s induction into the New Jersey League of Municipality Hall of Fame. Her two-decade-long commitment to municipal government has earned her this esteemed honor.

A considerable amount of the meeting deliberated on financial matters. With a healthy balance of over $2.9 million in the Connect One Bank Current Operating Account, the council approved the return of bonds and escrow of $69,120.75, demonstrating strong fiscal health.

Several key financial decisions were made regarding employee compensation and the borough’s budget for 2023. The council adopted Ordinance #817 to exceed the municipal budget appropriation limits and establish a cap bank for 2023. An increase of up to 3.5% over the last year’s final appropriations was also introduced, corresponding to around $184,765.

Focusing on borough staff, salaries and wages for various borough roles were established. The council passed ordinances setting the pay range from $1,577 for the Registrar of Vital Statistics to $95,855 for the Borough Clerk. An additional resolution was passed authorizing the Mayor to execute a Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) endorsement, marking a key development in local environmental initiatives.

The meeting spotlighted public safety matters as well. A significant contract was approved with LensLock, Inc. for the provision of all-inclusive mobile video equipment and software for the Police Department, including body-worn camera equipment at a cost of $15,507.20 per year.

The council also approved the participation of Alpine Police Officers in the Gran Fondo NY Bike Tour, an event aimed at raising funds for local charities. The resolution acknowledged the Mental Health Awareness Month, shedding light on the ongoing struggle with mental health, particularly amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another community-centered decision was authorizing the purchase and installation of a software module for a digital platform for all construction-related applications and permits. Spatial Data Logic (SDL) of Somerset, NJ, was selected to undertake this task at a cost of $20,300.

Councilwoman Gerstein and Councilwoman Frankel proposed a resolution confirming the Mayor’s appointment of Vanessa Barrera to the Alpine Recreation Committee. This appointment fills a vacancy created by a former committee member’s resignation.

Lastly, the council stepped in to address concerns raised by resident Richard Incontro regarding tree teardown activities in the Alpine Three area that allegedly caused property damage and service interruption.

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