Bergenfield Greenlights Thomas Roos Park Improvement Project Amidst Stormwater Management Concerns

In a recent meeting of the Bergenfield Borough Council, important decisions were made concerning the Thomas Roos Park Improvement Project and addressing citizen concerns on stormwater management. Council members also honored the Department of Public Works (DPW) for their service to the community.

On May 16, 2023, Mayor Arvin Amatorio and Council members Thomas Lodato, Buddy Deauna, Domingo Almonte, Ora Kornbluth, and Hernando Rivera convened to discuss key issues within the borough. Notably absent from the meeting was Council President Marc Pascual.

The Council voted unanimously to approve the contract to Halecon, Inc. for the Thomas Roos Park Improvement Project. The project includes both the resurfacing of the tennis court and the installation of a new pickleball court, additions expected to bring significant recreational value to the borough’s residents.

One resident, John Smith, brought up concerns about stormwater management in the borough, citing the increasing stress on the system due to home construction projects. Smith pointed out that many houses have gutters directly running into the road instead of areas that can soak up water, thus exacerbating the issue.

Borough Administrator Corey Gallo responded to Smith’s concerns by stating that they would take his information under advisement. He noted that an ordinance addressing lot coverage in relation to stormwater management was tabled for discussion, with many differing opinions on how it should be handled. Mayor Amatorio suggested that the discussion be continued and the matter tabled.

The Department of Public Works was also honored during the meeting, with Mayor Amatorio extending his appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the borough. Each DPW member present at the meeting was acknowledged and thanked, with the Mayor and Council members Lodato, Deauna, Almonte, and Rivera expressing their gratitude.

The Council also addressed several other important issues, including the approval of several Special Item Revenues in the 2023 budget, such as a Storm Water Assistance Grant and a Distracted Driving Crackdown Grant. The Council approved the annual subscription renewal agreement for Gov Pilot from SHI International Corp, the purchase of three 2023 Ford Utility Police Interceptor Vehicles, and several other items.

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