Bergenfield School Board Allocates Funding for Tech

In a series of significant decisions made during the recent Bergenfield Board of Education caucus and regular meeting, the board approved major financial agreements covering areas such as technology, food services, and environmental sustainability. Trustee Nelson Reynoso was notably absent throughout the proceedings.

The board agreed on several large-scale contracts which significantly contribute to the district’s budget. Among the largest agreements, a contract with NorthStar Technology Services was accepted for the configuration of Forti switches, an essential aspect of the district’s technology infrastructure, amounting to $595,367. The board also approved a $33,750 proposal from NorthStar Technology Services for the configuration of Fortinet WIFI access points, aimed at bolstering the district’s digital network. A further $7,935 was allocated for an annual renewal of ESET Endpoint Protection from White Rock Cybersecurity, alongside a $10,618 annual renewal of Incident IQ.

One of the more unusual transactions involved the sale of 105 Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) to the Flett Exchange, bringing in an additional $23,205 of revenue for the district. This commitment to sustainability appears to fit into a broader district strategy, with the board also approving the 2022-2023 Statement of Assurance (SOA) for Testing and Reporting of Lead in School Drinking Water.

Regarding food services, the board renewed a contract with Aramark Educational Services for School Food Service Management for the 2023-2024 school year, projected to cost $1,315,203.71, with a guaranteed return to the District of $125,000 from the Food Service Program. Furthermore, a $15,312 agreement with Edvocate was approved for consulting on the district’s food service program for the 2023/2024 school year.

The board also passed several motions related to personnel recommendations, approved special education reports, and handled matters concerning student behavior and wellbeing, including the Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) report.

Student Representative A. Marin reported on upcoming events and news from Bergenfield High School, including exam schedules, sports updates, and other school-related events, providing insight into the thriving school culture.

Despite the hefty sums involved and the significant decisions made, the board members moved in near unanimity throughout the meeting. The only recorded abstention came from Trustee Podwin, who abstained from voting on the South Bergen Jointure Commission Tuition Contracts for Summer 2023. A reason for the abstention was not given.

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