Bergenfield School Board Unanimously Approves Over $1M for School Enhancements and Legal Fees

The Bergenfield Board of Education’s meeting on June 26, 2023 culminated in the unanimous approval of multiple motions addressing various educational needs, school infrastructure improvements, legal matters, and partnerships with external service providers. Key decisions included the approval of over $1 million for Chromebooks, legal fees, maintenance, and repairs.

The meeting saw a series of actions related to education and facility upgrades, starting with the approval of a significant $425,020 for the purchase of 1,076 Chromebooks. These are intended to enhance technological capabilities within the school district. Coupled with this significant investment, the board also approved $200,000 for legal fees and over $1 million for various maintenance and repair activities, including Hurricane Ida maintenance, sewer backup, and steam boiler damage at different school locations.

Beyond these fiscal considerations, there was an affirmation of educational priorities. An agreement with Universal Technical Institute Northeast (UTI) was approved for dual enrollment in postsecondary education courses for the 2023-2024 year. Furthermore, the extension of an existing agreement with Bergen County Special Services for the Tri-Valley Program was approved, with revisions including an increase in classrooms, number of students, and total fees.

The board addressed the topic of health and safety, by approving the submission of the Statement of Assurance for testing lead in school drinking water for the 2022/2023 academic year and allocating resources for services such as fire alarm maintenance and various facility repairs for the upcoming school year.

Another significant motion involved the donation of $11,000 from the Spanish American Cultural Association of Bergenfield for the Scholarship Fund. This particular motion stood out, as Trustee Nelson Reynoso abstained from the vote.

Further in the meeting, the Board approved various contracts, service agreements, and proposals, ranging from Learning A-Z subscriptions, service agreements for temperature control systems, to replacements of entrance doors at Bergenfield High School.

There was a notable focus on collaborations, evident in shared services agreements, including one between the County of Bergen and Bergenfield Board of Education for vehicle maintenance services, as well as other agreements with external service providers for educational and maintenance support.

The meeting also emphasized legal compliance, passing a motion affirming the board’s intent to renew, award, or allow to expire various contracts in full compliance with state and federal statutes and regulations.

The evening’s proceedings were characterized by a distinct lack of disagreement or debate. All resolutions and motions were unanimously agreed upon.

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