Board of Education Appoints Acting Superintendent

In a recent gathering of the Haworth Board of Education on June 14, 2023, the board confronted multiple crucial issues ranging from a demanding contract negotiation to the assignment of an acting superintendent.

Newly appointed Acting Superintendent Mr. Paul Wolford’s confirmation is to be effective from July 1 through September 30, 2023, awaiting further approvals from the Acting Commissioner of Education and the Interim Executive County Superintendent.

A significant portion of the board’s time was devoted to discussions around the Evaluation and Scoring Report of Technical and Price Proposal Submissions. The board’s initial approval was lent to a single company. Still, it was underscored that the contract could not surpass the referendum amount, even as the proposals came in higher than the architects’ standard price per square foot, suggesting challenging negotiations lay ahead.

Underpinning these substantive discussions were a series of routine resolutions and actions, most of which related to personnel appointments and financial obligations. The finance and facilities section of the meeting saw approvals for bills and expenses from May and June 2023, amounting to around $620,654.56. The board agreed to various service contracts, which included engagements with Delta T Group, Educational Data Services, and Seesaw Learning. A significant financial decision of an $850,000 contribution to the Capital Reserve Account from excess funds also received a green light.

Personnel matters saw a flurry of approvals and changes. The board approved graduate level courses for Nicole Chamberlain and Jo Winik, approved the hiring of Layne Van Haeghe as a substitute teacher, and recognized the additional summer work for Jennifer White. There was also acknowledgment of the resignation of Jacqueline Rogan, a Grade 3 teacher. Other decisions included hiring Joshua Choi for summer custodial help and Abigail Ronberg as a Middle School ELA Teacher.

The board further addressed the future of education in the district by confirming a shared services agreement with the Northern Valley Regional High School District. This agreement allows for the provision of non-NSLP meals with costs to be determined for the 2023-24 academic year. It also approved the participation of Haworth Public School in the Northern Valley Regional High School District Consortium for the procurement of services and equipment.

The board’s focus on fostering a sense of community and individual growth was demonstrated through awards and recognition. The ‘Kids with Character Award’, recognizing students who exemplified the theme of “Teamwork” in June, and the ‘Staff Shout Out’ given to Shari Peykar and Sandra Van Horn, underscored the district’s commitment to acknowledging hard work and positive behavior.

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