Bogota School Board Addresses Social Media Threats and Field Renovations

In a recent Bogota School Board meeting held on October 10th, 2023, officials highlighted pressing global crises and raised alarms about potential threats on social media platforms targeting children. This primary concern was accompanied by a series of discussions on school infrastructure, student achievements, and ongoing development projects.

Board chairperson drew attention to the prevailing global tensions involving wars and acts of terrorism, expressing personal grief over these issues. They cited a recent notification indicating a potential onslaught on social media postings that could provoke questions and concerns among students. “There’s a recent notice just over the last two hours that there’s going to be an attack on social media postings that may cause a lot of questions in our children,” revealed the chairperson. The board emphasized the importance of guiding students through these turbulent times.

Superintendent Damian Kennedy took the floor to laud the accomplishments of the school’s cross-country teams, which recently clinched their league championships. He also shined a light on the high school football team and discussed other school events, such as the “ballroom Basics family night.” The analysis of spring njsla data was also marked for review.

A significant portion of the discussion focused on the school’s fields. Following the revelation of challenges related to temporary lighting installations on the soccer field, the board assured attendees that they are looking into permanent lighting solutions. Damage caused by one of the trucks during lighting relocation due to rain was acknowledged, with assurances on swift rectification. “So when the lights had to be moved, one of the trucks got stuck and created some divots…our field crew was there today and replaced all the divots and put more grass seed down,” a board representative clarified.

Furthermore, an ambitious resolution was discussed to forge ahead with renovations and developments of the school fields. Among the highlights of this proposal was the introduction of a warm-up pitching and batting cage platform for baseball, a feature that was previously absent. Addressing concerns about tree removal from the public and council, the board conveyed that many trees under consideration were either dead or not thriving.

Concerns from residents living close to the fields were not left unanswered. Susan Harper, a nearby resident, expressed her dismay over the removal of trees from the park area. “It was represented that you would be trying to save some of these trees… all of the trees would be cut. I am just so horrified to hear this,” she lamented. The board promised to explore the replanting of trees and sought to ensure that the lights from the fields would not inconvenience residents.

On the digital frontier, Mrs. Harper emphasized the need for cybersecurity training for students, citing the increasing perils of cyberattacks, phishing, and spear phishing. The board echoed her sentiments, unveiling considerations to introduce a cybersecurity module in the Career Technical classrooms and ensuring online safety for students accessing the school’s digital resources.

The meeting culminated with a unanimous motion to conclude citizens’ remarks and an adjournment of the session.

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