Borough Council Addresses Tax Bill Delays and Recognizes Local Police Involvement in Arrests

At the recent Alpine Borough Council meeting on July 26, notable was the delay in the release of third quarter tax bills. Robert Policano raised concerns about the prolonged wait, prompting Mayor Paul H. Tomasko to clarify that the municipal and school portions were complete, but the County has been slow in finalizing the tax rate, an issue experienced for several years.

Mayor Tomasko emphasized that while some municipalities send out estimated tax bills, which are later rectified, Alpine has opted to hold off. He indicated plans to discuss the potential for issuing public notifications about such delays with the Chief Financial Officer.

The meeting also drew attention to the efforts of the Alpine Police Department. Mayor Tomasko shared a Bergen Record article from July 20, detailing the arrest of three men from Elizabeth, NJ, implicated in a series of burglaries spanning six Bergen towns. Notably, an Alpine officer was actively involved in the arrests. Acting Police Chief Kent provided further insights, noting that an Alpine officer, previously injured during an almost successful apprehension of the suspects, had made a comeback, playing a pivotal role in the investigation leading to their arrest.

Another key discussion focused on the Spotted Lantern Fly, an invasive species causing environmental concerns. The Environmental Commission has made brochures available, aimed at educating the public on measures to help combat this pest. The commission is set to delve deeper into additional preventive steps in their upcoming meeting.

On the administrative side, the Finance Committee, led by Councilman Steven Cohen, provided an update on the current operating account, holding $2,419,992.21 at ConnectOne Bank. Moreover, several re-appointments were made, conferring tenure to Keith Dalton as the Fire Protection Subcode Official and David Nizborski as the Plumbing Subcode Official, both recognized for their exemplary service.

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