Borough Council Grows Police Force and Sets Course for Lead Line Replacement by 2031

In the July 12 meeting of the Ramsey Borough Council, several key decisions were made, notably the swearing-in of two probationary police officers and a bold commitment to replace all lead service lines in the borough’s water system by 2031. The council session, presided over by Mayor Dylan, not only charted the path for critical infrastructure developments but also lauded community initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of life in the borough.

Two new probationary officers, Dean Zandaki and Alex Cardenas, were inducted into the Ramsey Police Department amidst expressions of gratitude and support from the council. A police department official appreciated the council’s consistent backing and confidently affirmed the new officers’ readiness and suitability for the force. This comes at a time when interest in the police profession has been waning, thus making their joining of the force notable.

A resolution to replace all lead service lines served by the borough’s water system by 2031 was also discussed. This is in accordance with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protections’ legislation. The council concurrently shared the borough’s 2023 water quality data report, praising its excellence.

While the council is engaged in long-term planning, it also lauded recent successes, such as the timely completion of the paving and milling project on Main Street and Wyckoff Ave. This development, which had caused some inconveniences due to the necessary works, was completed as scheduled, weather permitting.

The council acknowledged the community’s commitment to improving the environment with initiatives like Eric Jascal’s microfilament and fishing line recycling stations at Sarachi Pond, part of his Eagle Scout project. It’s an inspiring effort aimed at preventing wildlife fatalities caused by improperly disposed of fishing lines.

Further, the council approved resolution 156 to insert a $20,000 grant into the current year budget revenue for shade tree inventory. This indicates the council’s dedicated funding for environmental protection and enhancement.

Community initiatives were also discussed, with Councilman Gutwater sharing updates on the library’s summer reading program, an upcoming author visit, a summer concert at Finch Park, and a new technology assistance program. There were also updates on the ongoing softball league registration and the Ramsey Run event scheduled for September 30, showcasing the council’s continuous efforts in promoting cultural and recreational activities in the borough.

The meeting concluded with an agreement to reconvene on August 9, 2023, for further discussions on pertinent issues, reinforcing the council’s commitment to continual governance and progress for the borough.

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