Brick Township Council Approves Financial Resolutions and Addresses Community Concerns

The Brick Township Council approved substantial financial resolutions, addressed environmental and public safety concerns, and discussed community programs during their recent meeting. The council approved a computer bill resolution totaling $11,457,595 and a manual bill resolution amounting to $5,664,264. Public comments raised issues regarding air pollution, the approval of a Popeyes restaurant, traffic problems caused by Dunkin Donuts on Herbertsville Road, and the impact of a local roadway improvement project delay. The council also discussed the need for ongoing planning for open space acquisitions and highlighted the importance of community involvement in public safety and local events.

At the forefront of the council’s agenda was the approval of financial resolutions. The computer and manual bill resolutions, amounting to over $17 million combined, were passed unanimously by the council after motions and secondings from the members. These resolutions ensure the continued operation and funding of the township’s services and projects.

During the public questioning period, concerns were raised about air pollution in the township. One resident cited studies linking air pollution to a range of health issues, including asthma, dementia, and organ damage, and stressed the disproportionate impact on working-class communities. The council acknowledged these concerns.

The issue of fair treatment among local businesses was also brought to light during the public comments. A speaker questioned the conditions imposed on the approval of a new Popeyes restaurant, contrasting them with the lack of similar restrictions on other businesses such as Wawa. The council was urged to provide clarity and ensure equitable treatment for all businesses within the township.

Another topic of public concern was the delay in the local roadway improvement project initially planned for 2022. The council engaged with the resident who brought up this issue, discussing the environmental impact of the on-site environmentally safe truck wash service and its wastewater runoff. Council members expressed their concerns about the proper disposal of the collected water, with discussions about the necessary infrastructure to manage it effectively.

Councilwoman Heather deJong addressed the ongoing traffic problems caused by the Dunkin Donuts on Herbertsville Road, emphasizing the need for a study by Public Safety to alleviate the congestion without resorting to ticketing motorists. Mayor Lisa Crate spoke about efforts to secure funding for the Brick school system and highlighted the school district’s application for state stabilization aid funding. She also noted the importance of full restoration of aid that has been cut over the past seven years.

Mayor Crate commended the Brick EMS Squad for their service and announced upcoming community events, including a neighborhood watch meeting, a rock climbing event for Special Olympics, and the celebration of Brick Township’s 174th birthday. She also provided updates on advocacy efforts and community engagement initiatives.

Councilman Perry Albanese informed the public of the upcoming rabies clinic, encouraging residents to vaccinate their pets. Councilwoman Marianna Pontoriero highlighted the “buy in brick” program’s participation by the unscathed barber shop, which offers property tax reductions, and she encouraged nominations for the Brick Hero Awards. Councilman Steve Feinman acknowledged the Brick Police Department’s efforts and stressed the importance of community involvement in reporting suspicious activities, providing resources for residents to do so.

Council Vice President Derrick Ambrosino praised the Township employees for their coordination in response to recent snowfall, thanking them for their diligence. Councilman Vince Minichino and Councilwoman Melissa Travers also provided their insights, with Minichino acknowledging the traffic issues near Wawa and Travers choosing to abstain from further comments.

The meeting concluded with a light-hearted moment as Council President Lisa Crate expressed her intention to support local businesses by attending the upcoming event, despite her humorous reluctance to visit the barber shop.

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Lisa Crate
City Council Officials:
Vince Minichino, Derrick Ambrosino, Perry Albanese, Heather deJong, Steve Feinman, Marianna Pontoriero, Melissa Travers

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