Cliffside Park School Board Approves Open Lunch for Seniors

In a recent meeting held on September 27, 2023, the Cliffside Park School Board approved an open lunch period exclusively for seniors.

Superintendent Michael Romagnino kicked off the meeting by discussing various personnel resolutions, shedding light on a few noteworthy ones, such as the hiring of an employee for a position funded through savings by not outsourcing speech-language pathology, and the return of Celine Sayonlar, a Cliffside Park High School graduate, to the district. However, it was the open lunch policy, listed as resolution 48, that stimulated an active dialogue among the board members.

The open lunch policy, which had previously garnered input from students, aimed at allowing senior students at Cliffside Park High School more freedom during their lunch periods. Letizia Pantoliano, a board member, played a leading role in the discussion, highlighting the input from students and the considerations that the board had taken into account. The discourse was characterized by board members amending the resolution to specify that it was applicable to seniors only, signifying the board’s intent to keep a focused approach on this policy.

The board voted in favor of the resolution, ultimately approving the open lunch period for seniors. One of the board members congratulated the students in the audience, stating, “the board just approved Senior Open Lunch, and we put our faith in you to do the right thing, and we know that you will.”

Outside the discussion on open lunch, the board also discussed financial matters and upcoming projects. The finance committee highlighted their ongoing work on the 24-25 budget and the assessment of capital projects, indicating a structured approach towards fiscal responsibility and planning.

Moreover, there were updates on the operational status of school facilities, with the board discussing the installation of high school backboards and the HVAC system. Maintenance schedules during school holidays, inspections, and ongoing projects like the brick and masonry project at number six school were also presented, painting a comprehensive picture of the board’s multifaceted responsibilities.

In addition to policy and facilities discussions, the board also took a moment to celebrate the accomplishments of the students, specifically acknowledging a senior volleyball player, Reina Institute, who had been named New Jersey athlete of the week. Letizia Pantoliano expressed pride and announced plans to bring Reina to a future board meeting for recognition, reinforcing the board’s commitment to celebrating student achievements.

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