Cliffside Park School Board Honors Superintendent, Discusses Wages and Facility Upgrades

In a recent meeting of the Cliffside Park School Board, a range of topics were discussed including honoring Superintendent Roman Gina for his distinguished service, exploring the possibility of increasing staff wages, and presenting a series of upgrades to school facilities.

Superintendent Roman Gina was recognized for his years of service to the district in a variety of roles, from teacher to superintendent. The board awarded him a plaque, making him only the second superintendent from Cliffside Park to receive such a distinction in 50 years. “We may disagree at times but in the end we do what’s right for the kids…I leave the district in good hands,” he said, expressing his confidence in the board’s continued commitment to the district.

During the meeting, the board discussed a contentious issue of wages for staff members and coaches who work in the school weight room. The current hourly wage of $10 came under scrutiny, with a proposal to raise it to match New Jersey’s minimum wage. The matter was deemed significant enough to revisit at a future meeting.

The board also approved a move toward hiring in-house therapists as a cost-saving measure for the district. Eileen Young was announced as the newly appointed occupational therapist for school number three. This shift towards full-time, in-house therapists was commended as a positive step for the district.

Resignations and transfers among staff were another key topic. Notable changes included the resignation of middle and high school English teacher Julianne Brander and the transfer of Sal Aiello to a middle school business teaching position. In addition, Gabby was appointed head coach for indoor track and field, filling a gap left by recent resignations.

Looking towards the future, the board is preparing for a busy summer of facilities upgrades. Kristoff Fano, in charge of summer projects, detailed ongoing renovations at multiple schools, including bathroom renovations, floor replacements, and painting projects across classrooms in the district. A significant HVAC system repair involving compressor replacements was also outlined.

The upcoming departure of a team member, Mike, was noted, along with the extended absence of Lou, a key figure in facilities management. The next board meeting is scheduled for the 26th.

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