Council Addresses Water Woes, Celebrates Civic Progress, and Secures DOT Grant for Park Renovations

In a recent meeting of the Allendale Borough Council, wide-ranging discussions on local concerns demonstrated an active commitment to tackling problems and celebrating the community’s progress. The meeting, held on July 20th, 2023, took a particularly deep dive into the city’s water situation and announced the successful pursuit of a DOT Grant to refurbish Memorial Park’s sidewalks.

Among the major discussion points, the issue of water management took center stage. The council provided updates on the water system’s sale to the company Veolia and spoke at length about how the process was progressing, with corrective actions planned for water diversion in the borough. Outstanding issues including easements and compliance with Green Acres restrictions were highlighted, with the council highlighting the ongoing progress despite these complications. A sum of $3.5 million from the $18 million sale from Veolia remains pending.

“We also have, because the water system was put in so long ago, there are just easements that don’t exist, papers that must have somehow been misfiled…it’s a lot of parts and I am just so pleased that we’re you know we’re trucking along and every week there’s some progress that’s being made,” expressed Councilwoman Homan.

Another point of contention were inaccuracies in water billing and the subsequent customer dissatisfaction. Resident Joe Bond raised serious concerns about estimated bills, citing frustration over inconsistencies and lack of responses to his inquiries. The council acknowledged the issue, attributing it partly to a backlog due to COVID-19 and difficulties in obtaining water meters. However, the council assured attendees that these problems are being actively addressed, with a new meter system, the Ami system, expected to be in place by the end of 2024.

Separately, the council announced plans to use a DOT Grant to refurbish sidewalks around Memorial Park. They also highlighted the successful pursuit of two resolutions: Resolution 23-182, enabling an ADA Bathroom for the firehouse, and Resolution 23-183, supporting the Bergen County Fire Mutual Aid plan.

Council members shared news about the town’s recent events, including successful Fourth of July celebrations and a Junior Police Academy graduation. They also lauded the town’s communal spirit, with a member from the Public Safety Committee commending the police, fire department, ambulance corps, and surrounding agencies for their efforts.

The council’s discussions concluded on an uplifting note with a message from the Mayor, who highlighted a successful community BBQ event, defended necessary housing developments, and tried to convince residents of the beneficial outcome of the ongoing community center project. The Mayor also expressed gratitude to the local Green Team for their successful spring cleanup event, with over 14,000 pounds of waste collected.

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