Council Celebrates Team Tiger and Addresses Borough Issues

In a session convened by Mayor Thomas Papaleo, the River Edge Borough Council charted the community’s path forward with accolades for local champions and initiatives aiming to elevate the quality of life for its residents.

At the forefront of the meeting were accolades for the NJ Taekwondo Center’s “Team Tiger” who recently made the borough proud at the 2023 USA National Championships. Led by Master Young, the team has individuals securing top positions in different categories. Their forthcoming move to a larger facility in River Edge was also celebrated, spotlighting the center’s commitment to nurturing future Taekwondo champions.

Complementing this acknowledgement was the declaration of the Hispanic Heritage Month stretching from September 15 to October 15, reflecting on the substantial contributions of the Hispanic community to River Edge and the nation at large.

The council also addressed pressing health concerns, marking September as a month to raise awareness for prostate cancer and childhood cancers, drawing attention to their high incidence rates and the tragic toll they take on families. Mayor Papaleo urged residents to prioritize early screenings for prostate cancer, emphasizing the importance of education and support for affected families in the face of childhood cancers.

During the open forum facilitated for public comments, a local resident, Tony Pascolucio, brought to light the condition of pickleball courts. The mayor assured that the recent deterioration was due to weather conditions and affirmed the swift addressal of the issue while considering extended hours of operation. The council also signaled potential plans for permanent pickleball courts leveraging grant money.

On the infrastructure front, critical steps were taken to augment the borough’s resilience to evolving climate patterns. Spearheaded by Mayor Papaleo and affirmed by Superintendent Molito, initiatives including the Voorhees and Fenway projects aim to prevent flooding and facilitate better water management. The strategies encompass improved drainage systems and renovations targeting flood-prone areas with a focus on sustainability and prudent fiscal management.

During this segment, the council also took a moment to appreciate PSEG’s collaborative spirit, in particular praising employees Jesse and Adam for their roles in aiding the borough’s initiatives, fostering a sense of community and joint effort towards the borough’s development.

As a move towards modernizing the local regulatory framework, several ordinances were introduced and approved, updating parking regulations on Bogert Road to accommodate student drop-offs and pick-ups, revising park permit processes, and addressing updated borough administrator’s purchasing responsibilities in line with new state legislation. These motions intend to align River Edge’s operations with contemporary needs, keeping pace with evolving societal demands.

A series of resolutions, including a significant current fund detailing various expenditures, successfully passed, demonstrating the council’s balanced approach to meeting community needs while managing the financial implications thoughtfully.

Under new business, the Environmental Protection Commission and green team withdrew their earlier request to hold in-person meetings, as David Kraft offered to oversee Zoom call responsibilities, showcasing the council’s flexibility and responsiveness to changing circumstances.

As the meeting neared its conclusion, the council underscored its commitment to infrastructural development leveraged through external funds to ease the tax burden on local residents.

Looking forward, the borough anticipates the completion of several infrastructural projects, including ADA sidewalk and ramp installations, and improvements in areas such as Oxford Terrace, by early November.

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