Demarest Borough Council Passes 2023 Budget and Approves Infrastructure Projects

In a recent meeting held at the Council Chambers of the Borough of Demarest, the Demarest Borough Council unanimously adopted the amended 2023 Municipal Budget, alongside greenlighting key infrastructure improvements for the town.

Leading the evening’s agenda was the unanimous passage of the 2023 Municipal Budget as amended. Introduced on June 26, the amendment was opened for public hearing but saw no comments or questions from the attending public. Mayor Brian Bernstein expressed gratitude towards the finance committee, the Borough Administrator, and the finance staff for their concerted efforts in finalizing the budget.

The Council also approved a series of resolutions from the consent agenda, most notably ones concerning drainage improvements on Pine Terrace and design/bidding authorization for Madison Ave projects. These moves are in line with the Borough’s consistent push to enhance public amenities and transportation routes.

Nick Chelius, the Borough Engineer, discussed the monthly engineer report and addressed questions on future paving strategies and budget allocation. Underlining the transparent and proactive approach, both he and the Borough Administrator detailed how the engineer and the DPW maintain a current overview of road conditions and leverage it during budgetary decisions.

In addition to infrastructure, the meeting shed light on financial grants and community enhancements. Councilmember Daryl Fox sought clarification on a past passive park grant which totaled just over $46,000. While Mr. Chelius assured that there was no immediate time pressure to utilize the grant, the option for changing its scope was open, further emphasizing the council’s commitment to adaptability and public interest.

Regarding community involvement and recreation, Councilmember Rebecca LaPira made a noteworthy announcement of the commencement of the Summer Concert Series. Additionally, a discussion emerged concerning the library board’s funding, and a plan for addressing the allocation was swiftly put in place.

Mayor Bernstein updated the Council on unexpected incidents, including a fallen Borough tree into the pool property, necessitating immediate attention. In the realm of community beautification, Councilmember Daniel Marks discussed collaborating with local entities to replace gravel near train tracks, while Mayor Bernstein mentioned potential additions to the park area including a donated stone bench and chess tables.

To round out the discussion, the Borough Administrator mentioned an internship program in place for a local college senior to assist the finance office over the summer, reinforcing the Council’s commitment to mentorship and community involvement.

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