Depken Field Bleacher and Cafeteria Renovations Take Center Stage at Hasbrouck Heights Board Meeting

The Hasbrouck Heights Board of Education discussed a myriad of topics in its recent meeting, but the highlight was the commendation of Superintendent Michael Polizzi for his work on the Depken Field Bleacher and Cafeteria Renovation Projects.

Superintendent Polizzi was awarded a plaque in recognition of his contribution to these significant renovation projects, indicating the importance and positive impact they have on the district. Board President Lori Cintron chaired the meeting, and during the Public Discussion on Agenda Resolutions segment, emphasized the importance of maintaining decorum. No comments or concerns were raised during this public session.

Test results were shared by two educators, following which several resolutions were passed, spearheaded by members Nicole Campbell Russo and Jillian Ferdinand. These included approvals relating to discipline reports, professional development sessions, district calendar modifications, and even a notable grant application for the New Jersey Learning Acceleration Program, aiming for $115,000. Other significant resolutions included the approval of the Danielson Evaluation System for evaluations, the adoption of curricular goals, and the authorization of an active shooter training for district staff by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office.

On the financial front, the board reviewed and approved various expenses, memberships, and contracts. The board approved a membership for several individuals to the Bergen County Association of School Security Professionals. Contracts were approved for special education services with various institutions and a notable financial audit for the 2022-2023 fiscal year was contracted to Lerch, Vinci and Bliss for $40,000.

Under the Personnel Committee, various appointments, stipends, and decisions were made, including the home instruction for a student, paraprofessional appointments, and approval for training and test preparations for several educators. There were also notable resignations and rescindments of appointments. Additionally, security officers were given approvals for further training.

In the later segments of the meeting, the Policy Committee moved resolutions on the second reading of new/revised policies and regulations. The board tackled a few contentious issues during the open public hearing, with residents bringing up concerns ranging from school incidents, hiring decisions, to mold presence in the auditorium. The meeting concluded with a note of appreciation from Mike Warren of the HHEA, highlighting the board office’s collaborative approach.

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