Dumont Board of Education Approves Personnel Changes and District Plans

In a recent meeting, the Dumont Board of Education, led by President Theresa Riva, addressed a series of significant motions and personnel changes, approved various district plans, and discussed financial matters. The board unanimously approved several resignations, employments, and adjustments in positions and pay across the school district. Additionally, the meeting saw the approval of the District Curriculum Guides for 2023-2024, the District Professional Development Plan, and an amendment to the Long Range Facility Plan, including HVAC System upgrades at multiple schools.

Among the personnel changes, Michael Mullin, Erica Ferreira, Janice McCue, Claudia Vesley, and Mark Fisco submitted their resignations from various positions. New hires included Lindsey Germano, Gezim Usini, Abigail Bergoffen, and Kaitlyn Casapulla, all subject to completion of background checks and paperwork. Special attention was given to the employment of Special Education Instructional Aides, including Sara Awaise, Nykai Johnson, Christine Lapay, Josefina Bautista, Vittoria Citakian, Tracy Lanzilotti, Ashley Grunewald, and Desire Midi-Hayer. Jamie Biddleman was employed as a Full-Time School Social Worker, and David Shamah as a Leave Replacement LDTC. In the addendum, Johlennie May, Matthew Doherty, and Katie Lynn-Sherman-Woehr were also employed in various roles.

The board approved the District Curriculum Guides for 2023-2024, covering a wide range of subjects and levels. The District Professional Development Plan for the 2023-2024 school year was also reviewed and approved. An amendment to the Long Range Facility Plan was approved, which included projects for HVAC System upgrades at Dumont High School, Honiss School, and Selzer School.

In financial matters, the board approved the August 31, 2023 bill list amounting to $2,281,829.59 and the July 2023 Appropriation Transfer Report. The board also certified that no major account or fund had been over-expended and that sufficient funds were available to meet the district’s financial obligations. A Shared Services Agreement for a Level 1 Technician and Technology Support Services with the Bergen County Special Services School District for the 2023-2024 School Year was approved, costing $113,960. Additionally, travel expenditures for district employees and board members were approved.

Dr. Maria Poidomani reviewed the Policy and Public Relations agenda items, leading to the board’s approval of several district policies and regulations. These included policies related to board member orientation and training, instructional supplies, use of corporal punishment, health services personnel, student health records, reimbursement of federal and other grant expenditures, school district security, and public relations. A bylaw was suspended to adopt new policies and regulations based on recently approved sick leave legislation and New Jersey Department of Education guidance.

The board graciously accepted a donation of 25 Post-It desk organizers for Lincoln School’s teaching staff from Ms. Sharda Flores, valued at approximately $250. After addressing all the agenda items and with no further Old or New Business to discuss, the board adjourned the meeting at 8:57 p.m.

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