East Rutherford Council Advances Affordable Housing and Approves Environmental Remediation

In a recent meeting, the East Rutherford Borough Council addressed the adoption of an amended Affordable Housing Spending Plan and the awarding of a contract for environmental remediation at 10 Lois Lane. The council emphasized the importance of an affirmative marketing plan, aiming to ensure fair access to affordable housing units and targeting those potentially eligible persons who are least likely to apply. The marketing strategy involves extensive advertising and community engagement, with applications available at several locations within the Borough. Developers of low- and moderate-income housing units are required to assist in marketing, and the Borough will analyze applicants’ income, household size, and credit history to determine eligibility.

Resolution #136 – 2023 was passed, expressing the Borough’s intent to cover any shortfall in the Affordable Housing Trust Fund Spending Plan through municipal bonding or other legal means. The Borough has adopted a development fee ordinance, creating a dedicated revenue source for affordable housing. The updated Affordable Housing Trust Fund Spending Plan has been submitted to the Court for review and approval.

Additionally, Resolution #137 – 2023 awarded a professional services contract to JS/HELD for environmental remediation at 10 Lois Lane, a property acquired by the Borough and intended for Athletic Fields. The remediation will be funded from an established environmental remediation escrow fund, and the contract was awarded without the need for full public bidding procedures.

The council also addressed overpayments of property taxes, approving refunds for Corelogic and Lereta, LLC, for different properties, and approved a $250.00 Senior Deduction for resident Joyce Stempien. Resolution #127 authorized the Borough to enter a grant agreement with the County of Bergen for $52,300.00 in 2023 Community Development Block Grant funds for “Barrier Free Bathroom Fixtures at Borough Hall.”

Furthermore, the council introduced and adopted several ordinances, including Ordinance 2023-21, appropriating $47,360.07 for purchasing a 2023 GMC Sierra Crew Cab Truck from the Sewer Utility Capital Improvement Fund, and Ordinance 2023-19, authorizing various road improvements and appropriating $500,000 from the Capital Fund Balance of the Borough. Ordinance 2023-20, setting the salaries and compensation of the Mayor, Council, and several officers and employees of the Borough, was also adopted.

The meeting, held at One Everett Place and called to order by Mayor Jeffrey Lahullier, followed the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Law. Councilmembers Edward C. Ravettine, George Cronk, Daniel Alvarez, Michael Lorusso, and Jason Bulger were present, with Jesse DeRosa absent. Borough Clerk Danielle Lorenc and Attorney Gerald Salerno were also in attendance. The meeting was opened and closed to the public for questions and comments, with no citizens wishing to be heard on the discussed ordinances and resolutions.

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