East Rutherford Council Greenlights Amusement Games at American Dream

In its recent meeting, the East Rutherford Borough Council took action on the community’s infrastructure, safety, and recreation.

The meeting, held at One Everett Place and led by Mayor Jeffrey Lahullier, commenced at 6:03 PM. Following the initial proceedings, the floor opened to citizens’ concerns and inquiries. While parking updates and traffic issues featured prominently, the community also displayed enthusiasm for local recreational activities.

The council’s main focus was on the introduction and deliberation of several ordinances. Of particular note was Ordinance 2023-19, allocating $500,000 for road improvements. Another significant ordinance, 2023-17, aimed to amend traffic regulations, especially concerning parking permits on specific streets. Both ordinances received unanimous approval.

The council ratified Dream FEC, LLC’s proposal to run amusement games at the American Dream venue. The decision is contingent on the company conducting comprehensive background checks on all game owners, with findings to be shared with both state and municipal authorities.

The council authorized a shared services agreement with Rutherford and Carlstadt Boroughs for construction and plumbing sub-code officials, marking a collaborative step towards improved services for residents. In property matters, the council decided to challenge a valuation set by commissioners for Block 8, Lot 3, initially intended for recreational purposes. The valuation discrepancy was significant, with the council’s appraisal being $593,000 and the commissioners setting it at $740,000.

To boost the morale and commitment of local volunteer firefighters, the council approved a clothing allowance and performance incentive program for the East Rutherford Fire Department. The program’s effectiveness will be evaluated in February 2024.

Mayor Lahullier also shared encouraging news: the community received a generous donation of American Dream water park tickets from Brian Hague, intended for recreation and seniors.

Council members gave reports on their respective committees. Councilman Cronk updated the council on the Fire Department’s activities, emphasizing the department’s high call volume in June. Councilman Ravettine praised the DPW team’s efforts and discussed ongoing projects to address flooding issues. Councilman Lorusso recognized community contributions and announced summer concerts, while Councilman Bulger highlighted recent recreational activities.

In infrastructure developments, Engineer Glenn Beckmeyer’s report touched upon challenges on Central Avenue and excessive runoff problems originating from the railroad bed. The council acknowledged the importance of addressing these issues and moved forward with two significant projects: parking lot/bus turn around at Becton and upgrades to the Herman/Grove Street storm sewer.

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