East Rutherford Moves to Preserve Historic Outwater House

The Borough Council of East Rutherford, New Jersey, has moved to secure funding for the restoration of the historic Richard Outwater House. The council plans to submit a grant application to the Bergen County Trust Fund, seeking $30,000 in matching funds to aid in the preservation effort.

Mayor Lahullier and the council members unanimously endorsed the proposal during a public hearing on April 25. Engineer Beckmeyer detailed the application to the Bergen County Open Space, Recreation, Floodplain Protection, Farmland & Historic Preservation Trust Fund, explaining the goal to refurbish the Richard Outwater House, a cherished historical landmark.

The total cost of the project, before grants, is estimated at $1.1 million, with a substantial portion of the funding expected from grants. As Mayor Lahullier clarified, the Borough is ready to secure any additional funds needed to see the project through, a commitment reflected in the Municipal Endorsing Resolution #76- 2023. The document ensures that any awarded grant would be matched dollar for dollar by the Borough, amplifying the potential impact of the grant funds.

The decision to restore the Outwater House comes at a time when cities and towns across America are grappling with the question of how to maintain their historical integrity amid rapid modernization.

In other council news, the liquor license for Romeo & Juliet was transferred to Mary Janes Closet, LLC, marking a notable change in local business. No further details or comments on the transfer were available from the council, but the shift in ownership could herald changes to the local hospitality scene.

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