East Rutherford School Board Lays Foundation for Enhanced Education From Infrastructure to Curriculum

At the recent East Rutherford School Board meeting, a range of topics were covered with considerable attention given to district building maintenance, the hiring and payment of substitute staff, QSAC training, changes in special education, and various curriculum updates.

In an effort to prepare for the 2023-2024 school year, significant maintenance is underway across the district. The School Business Administrator detailed updates on projects such as the McKenzie school boiler replacement, light replacements, and classroom and bathroom updates. Despite some HVAC issues at Lincoln School, the district is set to provide optimal learning environments for the students.

The recruitment of substitute staff was another key topic. The Board noted that since the increase in pay rates for substitutes, there has been a rise in staff numbers. The Board is assessing whether it will continue using Kelly Education’s services or recruit its own substitutes, as explained by the School Business Administrator.

QSAC (Quality Single Accountability Continuum. the state standards and evaluation program) training and evaluation were emphasized by the Superintendent, Giovanni Giancaspro. He highlighted the shared responsibilities among the administrative team members, noting, “we need an 80 or better to pass.” With a focus on maintaining the school’s QSAC status, the Board is keen on retaining the hard-earned educational standard.

Changes in the special education department were also discussed. The superintendent reported a decrease in the number of special education students and an initiative to bring back out-of-district students. In the words of the superintendent, “we’re able to give that child an equal opportunity to learn something comparable to what they would receive outside of the district.”

The meeting also highlighted curriculum updates, including the construction of a greenhouse for educational purposes. Superintendent Giancaspro thanked town representative Frank Recanati and his team for their assistance, noting the project was completed in line with regulations. This latest addition to the curriculum points to the Board’s commitment to providing diverse and engaging learning opportunities for students.

Finally, Board member retirements were announced with regret, indicating some imminent changes in the Board’s composition. On this note, the retirement of Ms. Ofreda was announced.

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