Edgewater Borough Council Approves Significant Infrastructure Bonds

At a recent meeting overseen by Mayor Michael J. McPartland at the Nancy Merse Council Chambers, the Edgewater Borough Council initiated substantial financial allocations for infrastructure improvements via bonds and notes.

The most pivotal motions revolved around large-scale infrastructure improvement projects, underlined by the introduction of two significant ordinances, 2023-008 and 2023-006, focusing on upgrading the Edgewater Dog Park and several road improvement projects respectively. The former, presented by Bartolomeo and supported by Martin, earmarked $400,000 for the dog park refurbishment, strategizing to leverage bonds or notes amounting to $380,000 for the endeavor, slated for a public hearing and final review on August 21, 2023.

Simultaneously, a weighty allocation of $2,400,000 was proposed for road refurbishments, with a predominant share of $2,061,528 being funded through bonds or notes. This directive delineated the crucial role of the chief financial officer in overseeing the financial intricacies of the initiative, ensuring adherence to the Local Bond Law. The financial blueprint, incorporating grants from the New Jersey Department of Transportation and the County of Bergen, aimed to prioritize advancements to Park and Maple streets, while guaranteeing the borough’s commitment to meeting the obligations facilitated through the bonds and notes.

Further, discussions advanced to address improvements to the sewer system and pump station, through the introduction of ordinance 2023-007. The blueprint, dictated a financial outline of $300,000, predominantly facilitated through bonds or notes amounting to $285,000, targeting an extensive overhaul of the current systems, aspiring for a lifespan enhancement of 15 years for the improved facilities. The mandate empowers the chief financial officer with decisive roles in managing and disclosing financial documents pertinent to the borough’s obligations, maintaining compliance with regulatory requisites, and orchestrating the sale of bonds anticipation notes.

Furthermore, the council embarked on discussions encompassing a multitude of resolutions, transcending various administrative and financial realms. Noteworthy mentions included a significant refund to Dianne Clemente amounting to $172,796.23 and the endorsement of new recruits such as Sayef Abdah in the Edgewater Police Department and Shant Shirinian in the Volunteer Fire Department.

The session underscored commitments to enhance public services, evidencing the procurement strategies for a marina work boat aimed at bolstering maintenance capabilities at the Edgewater Marina and the acquisition of a sophisticated CCTV/ALPR system from Gold Type Business Machines, valued at $180,874.92, to augment the borough’s crime prevention measures.

Aligning with regulatory necessities, the council validated the annual audit while formulating action plans to remediate identified concerns, emphasizing professional service contracts adherence to specified linguistic mandates.

The session saw participation from council members Rinaldy Gutierrez (remotely), Dolores Lawlor, Vincent Monte, Donald A. Martin, and Anthony Bartolomeo. Jose Luis Vidal was noted absent. Gregory S. Franz served as the Borough Administrator, with Annamarie O’Connor functioning as the Borough Clerk, and Robert Travers as the Borough Attorney.

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