Elmwood Park Borough Council Approves Key Ordinances and Discusses Successful Senior Day Event

In a recent meeting, the Elmwood Park Borough Council approved several ordinances, including one that raises police and traffic security work rates and another that bans renting out swimming pools. The meeting also served as a platform for council members to express their admiration and gratitude for the successful senior day event.

The council moved forward with a series of ordinances, marking the first substantial increase in police and traffic security work rates in five years. Lorraine Pellegrine introduced the motion, and Theresa Sheridan seconded it. A new ordinance making it illegal to rent out swimming pools or backyards was also passed. Council President Valeri highlighted this move, explaining, “We’ve had numerous complaints of people renting their pools out and leaving it to the renters.” Daniel Golabek and Lorraine Pellegrine moved and seconded the motion, respectively.

Another significant action by the council was the introduction of a bond ordinance authorizing improvements on 14th Avenue, 53rd Street, and 16th Avenue at a cost of $390,000. This motion was initiated by Pellegrine and seconded by Golabek.

The council also recognized the efforts of those who made the senior day event a success. Council members Tanisha Dennis, Lorraine Pellegrine, Theresa Sheridan, and Sandra Balistrieri all expressed their appreciation and gratitude. Balistrieri, who could not attend due to surgery, commended the event’s success and thanked the participants and the Board of Health for their hard work. Mayor Robert Colletti praised the efforts of those involved and expressed confidence in their ability to surpass this year’s event.

Councilwoman Dennis gave additional updates on events, including the upcoming Halloween Scarehouse and Haunted Hayride event, whereas Councilman Francesco Fasolo mentioned the El Park Athletic Hall of Fame event. Councilwoman Sheridan praised the successful VFW concerts and Senior Day, which raised $2,500, and revealed road project updates.

During the public comment session, a resident raised safety concerns about the decorative light bulbs, prompting the council to investigate further. The resident cited an incident of a broken bulb scattering glass on Market Street. Councilman Golabek acknowledged the issue, and Mayor Colletti assured the resident that they would address the maintenance problems.

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