Elmwood Park School Board Announces Major Restructuring, Celebrates Key Accomplishments and Bids Farewell to Respected Educator

At a recent Elmwood Park School Board meeting, various important topics were addressed including an anticipated administrative restructuring, the celebration of community accomplishments, and the recognition of significant contributions by retiring educators.

In a significant move, the board hinted at an impending administrative restructure within the school district, which will accommodate the integration of eight preschools within the existing elementary schools. This restructure is expected to include potential adjustments to the roles of principals, vice principals, and teaching staff. Specific details were not provided but the development signifies a proactive approach towards enhancing educational service delivery in Elmwood Park.

Dr. Ayaketti, the superintendent, took the opportunity to acknowledge the tireless efforts of Mr. Zelfper, a long-standing educator who is set to retire after 24 years of service. “In the 24 years I’ve known you, you have always accepted any task that we’ve given you… In every case, you’ve done a great job… kids always liked you… You’ve always had above and beyond,” Ayaketti said.

Mr. Zelfper’s retirement was also acknowledged by Maria Katani, the EPEA president, who presented him with a certificate from NJIEA, a testament to his years of dedicated service. Katani also appreciated board members for their commitment and thanked her colleagues for their hard work throughout the academic year.

In addition to these important discussions, the meeting was marked by notable achievements in the school community. High school senior, Isabella Gorkowski, earned commendation for gaining acceptance into Ivy League institution, Cornell University. The board also acknowledged Cali Terranova’s achievement at the Nationals, praising her representation of the school district.

As the academic year draws to a close, optimism permeated the meeting with board members congratulating graduates from kindergarten to high school and expressing positive expectations for the upcoming school year. The community’s shared achievements and pride in their school district were central themes

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