Emerson School Board Welcomes New Superintendent

the Emerson School Board introduced their new Superintendent, Dr. Philip H. Nisonoff, during their recent meeting. Garnering applause from the board and community alike, Dr. Nisonoff promises leadership and growth.

In his inaugural meeting as superintendent, Dr. Nisonoff expressed heartfelt gratitude for the support he has received from the community. He also took the opportunity to highlight the school’s recent achievements, including their successful summer programs and the recruitment of highly qualified new teachers.

However, the cornerstone of his address was the commendation of the district’s educational performance. “By all measures we’re improving year over year. We’ve had the highest average AP scores. We have great numbers of kids taking the tests,” noted Dr. Nisonoff, setting a tone of high academic expectation for the upcoming year.

Despite the celebratory tone, Dr. Nisonoff didn’t shy away from addressing more sensitive topics. He reported several disciplinary incidents, including one high school suspension for tampering with safety equipment and a few instances of harassment, intimidation, and bullying (HIB), including four confirmed cases of racist comments at the high school. Yet, he was quick to put these incidents into context, emphasizing, “These incidents that I report on are very, very few. Our kids are really, really well behaved most of the time, and we’re proud of that.”

In preparation for the Comprehensive Unified School Accountability and Continuity (CUSAC) review, the board plans to approve all curriculums, including revisions to previously approved ones, in August. As the school year progresses, the community can expect Dr. Nisonoff to prioritize curriculum development, with AP exam data already being sent to community members for review.

Another key appointment at the meeting was that of John Marmora, the new business administrator.

The transition to new leadership has been well received by the community. Former Emerson High School graduate and board member, John DeNero, congratulated the board on their choice, encouraging Dr. Nisonoff to stay connected with his roots.

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