Emerson School Board Welcomes “Outstanding Class” of New Teachers Amid Facility Upgrades and Storm Recovery

The Emerson School Board recently convened to welcome a batch of new teachers, discuss ongoing facility upgrades, and review the response to the recent storm event that affected the area. The meeting saw the introduction of new recruits including Amanda Balitz, a special education teacher and Emerson High School alumna, and Allison Beckley, who will be nurturing musical talents across Memorial and Villano schools.

The board members, including Ann Pressimone, Behrooz Pasdar, Jeremy Teigen, Amy Mara, and Keith Smith, alongside Superintendent Dr. Philip H. Nisonoff, expressed their enthusiasm for the promising start to the school year, praising the administrative team for recruiting an “outstanding class” of new teachers. The board acknowledged the efforts of the PTA in facilitating a smooth transition into the new academic year and encouraged the community to attend the upcoming PTA meeting.

The session also delved into the aftermath of the storms on September 8th, with reports indicating minor damages to the schools. A significant concern arose regarding water pooling on the old portion of Memorial’s roof, prompting an infrared roof scan to assess the necessity for repairs or replacement. The board commended the maintenance staff for their proactive response during the storm, including unclogging drains amidst the thunderstorm to prevent further damage.

In addition to storm recovery efforts, the board highlighted ongoing projects aimed at enhancing the school facilities. These include a WiFi project at Memorial to extend network coverage to outdoor areas for medical monitoring device connectivity, and security enhancements at both Memorial and Villano schools, encompassing upgraded security cameras and additional speakers to bolster monitoring and PA announcement capabilities. These projects, funded through referendum funding, underscore the board’s commitment to fostering a safe and technologically adept learning environment for students.

As the community navigates the recovery from the storm, there was a moment of celebration as the board shared news of student Vivian Nine-Satt securing a position as a National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist, a testament to the high standards of education upheld by the Emerson schools.

Looking forward, the board discussed preparations for the upcoming New Jersey Department of Education’s monitoring through the Quality Single Accountability Continuum (CUSAC), expressing confidence in the readiness of the school for the scrutiny, thanks to the “excellent staff” at Emerson. A committee comprising teachers, administrators, and board members has been formed to ensure a seamless evaluation process.

Student representative Emma detailed the onset of the school year, highlighting new class introductions including AP Economics and Robotics, and the eagerly awaited Spirit Week slated for early October, promising a series of engaging events to foster school spirit.

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