Englewood City Council Addresses Best Practices Inventory, Master Plan, and Community Concerns in Recent Meeting

In a recent Englewood City Council meeting, key topics including the 2023 best practices inventory, the city’s master plan, and concerns about community facilities took center stage. Council members Charles Cobb, Kenneth Rosenzweig, Lisa Wisotsky, Judith Maron, Kevin Wilson, and Mayor Michael Wildes all participated in the meeting, which was also marked by vocal community engagement and a sudden interruption due to safety concerns.

The meeting began with Councilman Charles Cobb moving to address the 2023 best practices inventory. This assessment evaluates fiscal and operational practices, and Englewood scored 41 out of 42 points, earning 100% of the state aid. Cobb expressed gratitude to attendees for their input and emphasized the importance of community unity in resolving issues.

The council also discussed the city’s master plan and a draft request for proposals (RFP), which is set to go out next week pending approval from the planning board. The due date for responses is November 30th, with a selected planner to begin work in January.

The meeting also included discussions about community facilities, with Tanika Foster Jones and Rosin Sanchez, parents from the Englewood Junior Raiders, expressing concerns about the lack of maintenance and accessibility to facilities. They emphasized the impact of these issues on children’s well-being and sense of belonging in the community.

An interruption occurred when the police chief requested to shut down the meeting due to safety concerns outside the venue. Mayor Wildes assured attendees they would be escorted out safely.

The meeting also saw discussions on a range of topics, including a resolution enabling the city to apply for unprogrammed grant funds, the upcoming virtual council meeting due to equipment upgrades, the Rotary Club of Englewood’s centenary, and issues around transparency in draft ordinances. Mayor Wildes acknowledged the presence of Rabbi PCO from Congregation Avator and highlighted Englewood’s denouncement of Hamas terrorism.

The issue of affordable housing sparked debate among council members and residents. Councilman Cobb requested monthly progress reports on the master plan and affordable housing plan to ensure transparency and avoid repeating past mistakes. Meanwhile, Councilman Rosenzweig questioned whether residents had been given adequate notice about the plans.

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