Englewood City Council Addresses Disorderly Conduct, Bill Review Process and Public Concerns

During the recent Englewood City Council meeting, issues of disorderly conduct and concerns over the bill review process were discussed. Council members also fielded public comments on local issues, including traffic light timing and street maintenance.

At the heart of the meeting was the council’s discussion on amending Chapter 307, Article One, about disorderly conduct, with a focus on issues in the city’s parking garage. Councilman Charles Cobb emphasized the necessity to expand the scope of the ordinance to include issues beyond the parking garage, such as loitering and drug-related activities. Councilwoman Judith Maron highlighted problems on Katherine Street, underscoring the importance of enforcement. Councilman Kevin Wilson raised the question of signage and community notification about the ordinance.

Wilson further suggested involving the city prosecutor and public defense lawyer to provide their input on the proposed ordinance. However, it was clarified that the judge’s opinion was not feasible. The council members generally agreed on the necessity of revising the ordinance to address disorderly conduct and enhance enforcement, concluding that signage could inform the public about these changes.

The council also discussed the necessity of involving legal experts in law enforcement matters. They suggested that the prosecutor and public defender could provide necessary expertise to address potential vulnerabilities and ensure proper implementation and defense of laws. The council’s focus was also on instances where police lacked the legal authority to detain or deter perpetrators on certain properties, particularly a shared parking garage owned by both the city and a private party.

Another significant topic was the procedure for reviewing and questioning the bills list. Councilwoman Lisa Wisotsky raised concerns about receiving the bills list with shorter notice than usual and requested more time for review in the future. The council agreed to have the bills list sent out on Fridays.

The council meeting also addressed public concerns raised by two individuals, Diane Jansen and Mr. Diaz. Jansen emphasized the impact of international politics on the town and the need to focus on local issues. Mr. Diaz highlighted issues with traffic light timing and road maintenance, specifically after the repaving of West Hudson Street. The council members acknowledged these frustrations and assured the public of their commitment to resolving these issues.

In other news, Mayor Michael Wildes, who had been in a car accident the previous day, attended the meeting, and the council expressed concern for his well-being. Furthermore, Councilman Kenneth Rosenzweig had questions about specific items on the bills list, which were promised to be addressed by the City Manager.

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