Englewood Cliffs School Board Reveals Fiscal Year Audit and Budget

At a recent Board of Education meeting for the Englewood Cliffs Public Schools, important financial details were unveiled, including the results of the Fiscal Year 2022 audit and the upcoming 2023/2024 budget, emphasizing the Board’s prioritization of student-oriented budgeting.

Matthew Lee, a representative from the NJ School Board Association, kicked off the meeting’s presentations by discussing the Board’s financial responsibilities. Emphasizing teamwork and a student-first approach, he offered an in-depth breakdown of a typical school budget.

Further adding to the financial picture, Steven Wielkotz, the District’s Certified Public Accountant, revealed the results of the Fiscal Year 2022 audit. Despite a few challenges posed by the departure of the previous business administrator during the summer, Mr. Wielkotz was generally positive about the audit’s outcome. The Board was notified of a few findings, none of which were repeats from the prior audit, and Wielkotz mentioned that his company had offered some management suggestions to the Englewood Cliffs team.

The meeting then moved to the financial outlook for the 2023/2024 school year. Julyana Ortiz, joined by Dr. Jennifer Brower, presented the proposed budget. Ortiz expressed her gratitude to the finance committee and administrators for their assistance in the budgeting process. The budget, presented in detail to the Board, was guided by the student-focused approach emphasized by Lee earlier in the meeting.

The Englewood Cliffs School Board’s recent meeting provided insight into the inner financial workings of the district. The presentation and discussions offered valuable context for understanding the district’s past financial practices and their future plans, which will undeniably shape the quality and direction of the area’s educational environment.

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