Englewood Cliffs Schools Prep for September Reopening Amidst Policy Shifts

In the most recent Englewood Cliffs Public Schools board meeting held on July 28, 2022, Dr. Jennifer Brower, the Superintendent, shed light on the district’s readiness for school reopening this September.

During her Superintendent’s report, Dr. Brower detailed the preparations for the upcoming academic year, reflecting a hopeful sentiment shared by the board and the wider community. The recent wrap-up of the second round of Summer Learning Acceleration showcased a concerted effort to bridge academic gaps intensified by the pandemic. Extending her gratitude to participating teachers and students, Dr. Brower signaled a bright start to the school year.

Curriculum enhancements were at the forefront, with the board actively updating content areas, notably in Computer Science/Design Thinking, Career Readiness, Life Literacies, and Key Skills. Another key initiative involves integrating the contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Social Studies.

A strong emphasis on student engagement was evident as Dr. Brower encouraged parents to fill out a google form, gauging student interest in after-school clubs.

In addition, the board was keen to make policies available for public scrutiny, with both new and revised policies such as Quorum, Board of Education Website Accessibility, Every Student Succeeds Act, and Examination For Cause, presented for consideration.

Employee contract terminations and staff resignations marked the personnel segment. While the specifics weren’t disclosed, other personnel-related decisions included additional working hours for technology staff and employment contracts for the subsequent academic year.

During the Questions/Comments segment, Mrs. Susan Pak and Mr. Misk actively engaged in the proceedings. While Mr. Misk’s inquiries centered on student placements in specific programs, Mrs. Pak sought clarifications on voided checks and services provided by FrontLine Education.

Rounding off the meeting were discussions about district staffing resources and an upcoming committee meeting on Curriculum and Technology. Though no old business was discussed, the board outlined ambitious district goals, from advancing school culture and exploring new math programs to revamping the technology lab at North Cliff school.

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