Englewood Residents Air Concerns With Development, Alleged Police Racism

In a recent Englewood City Council meeting, attendees brought urgent concerns about the city’s infrastructure and serious allegations against the Englewood police department to the fore. The meeting was primarily marked by community concerns regarding recent flooding and police conduct.

Rick Wilby, a resident of Plantation Way, expressed deep concern over Englewood’s infrastructure, highlighting that the city couldn’t handle more development due to consistent flooding issues, notably exacerbated by the recent storms. “Englewood cannot handle any more development period,” Mr. Wilby emphatically noted, recounting his experience aiding flood victims in the ShopRite parking lot.

Wilby, in the latter part of his address, also brought serious allegations against the Englewood police department, accusing them of harboring deep-seated racism towards the black community. Pointing towards what he views as a lack of understanding and empathy from Chief Greeley, he warned that if unchecked, the racial tensions could potentially lead to another life lost at the hands of the Englewood police department. “Englewood has a very serious race problem and that race problem is going to cost somebody else their lives if it’s not checked now,” said Wilby, urging the council to address the matter with utmost urgency.

Another resident, Jules, brought up traffic and safety issues in the vicinity of a new building between Teigen and Alfred Avenue, where a serious accident occurred recently due to reckless driving. Jules emphasized the need for greater control and regulation of the traffic in the area to prevent further accidents.

The resident also criticized the limited allocation of affordable housing in a new 245-unit apartment complex, with only 38 units designated as affordable housing.

Mayor Michael Wildes and council members Charles Cobb, Kenneth Rosenzweig, Lisa Wisotsky, Judith Maron, and Kevin Wilson facilitated the session, which also featured announcements regarding logistical adjustments due to courthouse maintenance issues.

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