Englewood School Board Appoints New Superintendent

In a recent meeting, the Englewood School Board made significant strides towards the future of the school district, including the unanimous appointment of Dr. Hazelton as the new permanent superintendent. The approval of Dr. Hazelton’s contract and the anticipation of her start date on June 5th were primary focuses of the gathering.

Following a comprehensive search involving Rey and Associates, a search firm, the board chose Dr. Hazelton from an initial selection of six candidates. Dr. Hazelton’s extensive experience, including 18 years as a superintendent and a strong track record in grant writing, was lauded by the board members. They voiced their collective confidence in her ability to move the district forward and appreciated the in-depth review of her resume and numerous closed session discussions leading to her appointment.

Board member Edith spoke passionately, expressing her own commitment to the superintendent selection process and her confidence in Dr. Hazelton’s capabilities. “I’m committed to the success of our schools and our students…we have selected the best individual to lead our district forward,” she stated. The sentiment was echoed by other members, including one who asserted, “I too [support] Dr. Hazelton…I know in my heart I made the right choice and I do vote for you.”

Acknowledging differing opinions during the selection process, the board emphasized their unity and common goal of the district’s success. A board member underscored, “Even though many of us had different opinions we were able to come together understand what the needs of the district are and have a constructive discussion.”

In a statement read out in her absence, Dr. Blumenthal expressed her regret for not being able to attend, enthusiastically endorsed Dr. Hazelton’s appointment, and conveyed her eagerness to work with her.

Board members also acknowledged Dr. Fuentes, the interim superintendent who had stepped in following the tragic passing of former Superintendent Dr. Cook. Her efforts were appreciated with a board member stating, “I just want to publicly thank Dr. Fuentes…she really has not only held it together but as an administrator, really stepping into the time that what we were all brokenhearted for our previous superintendent who passed away.”

Despite some disagreement over the process, with Board member Bill suggesting the candidate should have visited the district and met all stakeholder groups, there was a consensus about the future. Bill abstained from the resolution but nevertheless congratulated Dr. Hazelton and expressed readiness to work with her.

The board also emphasized the importance of community engagement and parental involvement, with plans for welcome receptions for Dr. Hazelton targeting students, parents, and staff.

An optimistic outlook for the district’s future was shared, with a board member expressing, “With the 83 million dollar budget now this coming year with less than a little bit less than 3,000 students there is no reason whatsoever that this should not be one of the top districts in the county…we’re going to be one of the better districts in the entire state.”

The introduction of Dr. Hazelton showcased her educational philosophy. She expressed her eagerness to work closely with teachers, staff, and community, stating, “We all have a role to play in putting Children First and ensuring that they receive the best education possible.” Her goal of addressing systemic issues and improving the district’s reputation was well-received by the community.

In a final note, the board acknowledged the absence of public comments during the meeting and informed attendees of the next meeting on June 22nd. It concluded on a hopeful note, with upcoming ‘meet and greets’ with Dr. Hazelton, which will be advertised online and on school signs.

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