Fort Lee Board of Adjustment Advances High-Density Housing Project

In a recent meeting held on July 11, 2023, the Fort Lee Board of Adjustment discussed several critical developments, approving a number of housing projects with a potential significant impact on the borough’s landscape.

Leading the meeting was Chairman Douglas Sugarman, supported by Howard Joh, Harry Liapes, Member Dennis M. Conway, John Nitti, Sebastian J. Tropea, Luis Pacheco, and Joseph Luppino. Notably absent was Eun Ju Hong.

Among various items on the agenda, the board unanimously approved an Extension of Time for Modus21, LLC’s mixed-use development project at 1119 Palisade Avenue, and Marat Denenberg’s application for a Window Well construction at 1090 Arcadian Way. The board also granted approval for several two and four-unit dwelling projects, underscoring the ongoing transformation of the borough’s residential landscape.

Yet the most significant point of discussion centered on a proposal for a 78-unit residential building at 2365 Hudson Terrace by 2365 Hud Terr, LLC. This large-scale project initially had a design for 99 units but was reduced in response to previous feedback. The development plans were laid out in detail by Engineer Perry Frenzel, Architect Chris Pereira, Traffic Engineer Louis Luglio, and Planner David Spatz.

Key features of the proposed development include two levels of parking, extensive landscaping, a low retaining wall, and an updated vehicle access route through 8th Street. Despite a slight shortfall in parking space count, Luglio assured the board that the traffic impact would be negligible, and Spatz argued the proposal’s consistency with zoning regulations and its alignment with the surrounding properties’ size and height.

Finally, applications for two-unit dwellings at 1 Casper Lane (Docket #8-23) and 2049 Ellery Avenue (Docket #15-23) were approved, but not without addressing public concerns about tree removal. While approval for 1 Casper Lane came with a mandated investigation into tree removal, the green light for 2049 Ellery Avenue was granted following a review by Neglia Engineering and the commitment to contribute to the Borough Tree Fund to compensate for the removal of three trees.

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