Fort Lee School Board Discusses Mentoring, Vocational Programs and Bus Issues

During the recent Fort Lee School Board meeting, board members, led by Superintendent Robert Kravitz, convened to discuss a teacher mentoring program, the initiation of a vocational training partnership, and community concerns regarding school transportation and the health curriculum.

A collaborative vocational program initiated in partnership with Eastwood College was discussed. This program, currently operating in one of the high school classrooms, will expand to include a dedicated lab on the school property, offering training in general maintenance, electrical, and plumbing fields. Set to be completed in early spring, this lab aims to equip students with apprenticeship licenses by the end of a four-year track. The program has generated excitement among parents and students, with many showing enthusiasm about the hands-on educational opportunities it presents.

Community members also raised concerns about the current sex and health curriculum, inquiring if there were any changes on the horizon. In response, the board stated that the curriculum remains as per the 2014 New Jersey student learning standards, adding that there are no immediate plans to change the curriculum this school year. They did however note that parental consent forms for the curriculum are issued annually, giving parents the option to opt-out if they wish.

Later, transportation issues were brought to the fore with a plea from a student facing difficulties in ferrying her siblings to different schools. Despite the bus being full, Superintendent Kravitz promised to address the issue promptly and urged the family to apply online for the lunch program, which facilitates a smoother morning routine for students.

A mentoring program for new teachers emerged as a topic of particular interest. The public expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, which pairs new teachers with tenured mentors in the district and includes an orientation and monthly after-school workshops. Superintendent Kravitz clarified that this was not a new initiative but a required program that has been in place for some time.

Throughout the meeting, various resolutions were approved with roll calls to confirm members’ stance on different matters, ranging from approval of minutes to permitting a non-resident student to continue enrollment in the district.

Closing the meeting, members reflected positively on the start of the new school year, praising the collective efforts of parents, administrators, and Dr. Kravitz.

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