Fort Lee School Board Reports a Concerning 100+ Incidents of Violence, Bullying in Schools

In a recent Fort Lee School Board meeting, district officials reported on a concerning uptick of incidents in local schools, drawing attention to the broader issues of student safety and overall school climate.

According to the superintendent’s report, Fort Lee High School documented 65 incidents during the specified period. The Lewis intermediate and middle school had 53 incidents, which included weapons and HIB. Meanwhile, the elementary schools thankfully had few incidents: School number one and School number two had none, School number three recorded two, and School Number Four had a single case.

Although exact details on the nature of these incidents remain undisclosed, the high number of incidents highlights concerns for Fort Lee High School and the Lewis institution. Curiously, after Dr. Kravitz, the superintendent, reported the numbers without elaboration, no board member commented or asked questions on the topic immediately after his report.

Dr. Kravitz also discussed other district initiatives and updates, highlighting the preparations underway for the upcoming school year. “Our district has been working hard with our facilities projects. As we speak, our marching band is practicing in the gym, and our sports teams and cheerleaders are outside practicing as well. We look forward to a school opening and getting our children back in our schools to witness the great things that are happening,” stated Dr. Kravitz.

The new teacher orientation is set for August 29th, with the convocation on September 5th and classes commencing on September 7th. The district intends to distribute essential information via an email blast and the Genesis portal.

In a public comment session, a resident, Tanya Byers King, expressed her sorrow regarding the resignation of Miss Vendennis, a veteran educator from School number one. “She has been a staple at school number one and taught so many students, probably some of your own children,” King shared, emphasizing the educator’s lasting impact on the Fort Lee community.

The board also discussed several other administrative topics, including a query about the ‘Right at School’ contract from a previous meeting and a website discrepancy that mistakenly showed a 2023 calendar instead of an updated version.

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