Fort Lee Zoning Board Grants Green Light for High-Profile Residential Developments

In a meeting that potentially signals significant changes to the residential landscape of Fort Lee, New Jersey, the city’s Zoning Board of Adjustment approved several major projects. Held on June 27, 2023, the board meeting, chaired by D. Sugarman, advanced proposals for both single-family homes and large-scale residential units, paving the way for substantial construction in the area.

First on the agenda for the meeting was an amendment concerning a single-family dwelling at 502 Brinkerhoff Avenue. The board approved a motion to amend the building height of the property owned by Hemant and Sangita Prajapati, with a vote of 4-0 in favor.

Following this, Rock Solid Built, LLC, received preliminary and final major site plan approval for a three-unit dwelling at 410 Catherine Street. The motion, moved by Ms. Hong and seconded by Mr. Conway, was passed unanimously.

One of the most substantial projects approved was for Modus21, LLC at 1119 Palisade Avenue. The mixed-use development includes a brokerage compliance office along with residential units. The approval, initially granted in September 2020, was given an extension until March 26, 2024, in a unanimous decision.

However, not all developments went forward without obstacles. The application for a 24-unit residential building over parking at 2130 Center Avenue by 2130 Center Avenue, LLC, was withdrawn without prejudice as an agreement with the Parking Authority and a drainage agreement were yet to be concluded.

Also, a noteworthy 78-unit residential building proposal at 2365 Hudson Terrace by 2365 Hud Terr, LLC, was carried to the meeting on July 11, 2023, with the applicant being asked to re-notice.

The meeting also entertained applications for less grand but equally important developments. For instance, Marat Denenberg received approval to construct a window well for his single-family dwelling at 1090 Arcadian Way, albeit with conditions including possibly seeking permission from the neighboring property or the construction of a wall system.

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