Franklin Lakes Board of Education Sets Goals for 2023-2024, Embraces Future of Education

In a meeting on July 11th, the Franklin Lakes Board of Education highlighted their strategic goals for the upcoming school year and presented a comprehensive plan to improve the district’s education system.

Following the appointment of a new Vice President, the Board introduced their preliminary 2023-2024 goals, focusing on strategic planning, communication, financing, and governance.

For strategic planning, the Board discussed the ongoing development of a district-wide five-year plan. Communication improvements were also prioritized, with suggestions to enhance current communication avenues, use surveys more effectively, and improve the school website.

In terms of financing, the Board is exploring alternative sources of income, such as profit-sharing agreements and grants. A point of concern raised was the inequitable arrangement with the local YMCA using school’s services free of charge, while the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) incurs costs for utilizing YMCA’s services.

Governance was another major topic. Preparations are underway to negotiate with the Franklin Lake Education Association, and the idea of each committee setting a clear goal for the year was proposed.

The Superintendent shared about the successful implementation of the Extended School Year (ESY) program at Lincoln School in Wyckoff, necessitated by ongoing roofing work at the local schools. The Superintendent also proposed a shared service agreement concerning school security, indicating a collaborative approach to safety within the district.

The curriculum committee presented plans to foster positive learning in classrooms and provide additional support for lunch aids. A summer program focused on English language arts, math, and science was outlined, with provisions for teacher training and enrichment guides.

The Gifted and Talented (G&T) programs have gained recognition and are now serving as a model for other New Jersey districts like Alpine, Little Ferry, and TENAC.

In addition to these, the Board discussed updates to various school policies, including a revised homework policy that takes into account state testing periods and school breaks, and a ban on accepting food deliveries for student lunches from outside vendors due to safety concerns.

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