Franklin Lakes School Board Addresses Transparency, Discusses Key Initiatives

In a recent meeting, the Franklin Lakes Board of Education addressed concerns surrounding transparency in communication, introduced new initiatives, and highlighted a potential $115,000 High Impact Tutoring Grant from the New Jersey Department of Education. The grant aims to bolster academic support for third and fourth graders.

Transparency was a significant topic of the meeting, particularly regarding the Board of Education’s email communication. The President noted concerns about individual board members’ email addresses being public on the school’s website. While some board members appreciated the transparency it provided, there were concerns about public expectations when sending emails to the board. To address this, an automatic reply system was proposed and agreed upon, which would acknowledge receipt of emails and educate the public about the board’s communication protocol.

Furthermore, the board reported the approval of a shared services agreement at a recent town council meeting, which would lead to the hiring of new police officers. The agreement was received positively by the board members, signaling improved security for the town’s residents.

Other topics discussed included the forthcoming book fair, the “Living Lessons” program, and numerous school events scheduled for October. Students were also reminded of the opportunity to initiate clubs, with a minimum of 10 participants and an advisor. On the academic front, the NJSLA test results are awaited, and the board expressed a desire for increased parental involvement in both academic and lunchtime activities.

The board also revealed a significant fundraising success with the summer Readathon, which saw participation from 70 students and raised over $2,000. Additionally, the board emphasized the significance of attendance at high school and mayor and council meetings.

The next board meeting is set for October 10th, with a following meeting rescheduled from October 24th to October 30th. The board concluded by announcing the FLEF’s homecoming party on November 17th and extended birthday wishes to board member Yemi Benedict-Vatel.

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