Glen Rock Appoints New Principal

In a recent wave of recognition and progress, the Glen Rock School Board meeting proved to be a turning point for the district. Celebrating exceptional educators, the meeting also served as a platform for the appointment of a new middle school and high school principal, all under the newly appointed Business Administrator and Board Secretary, Mr. James Canalis.

The heart of the meeting was dedicated to the Teacher of the Year and Education Specialists of the Year Awards, honoring the tireless efforts and exceptional contributions of several educators. From the instrumental and general music teacher Christine Sadler, who won the title of Teacher of the Year for her two decades of service at Bird School, to the quiet “rock star” of the high school, literature teacher Kim Crooks, the accolades highlighted the district’s wealth of dedicated teachers.

Education Specialist Casey Higgins and High School Education Specialist Diane Carpenter were recognized for their significant contributions to their respective schools. Middle School Teacher Amanda Carullo, Central School Teacher Diane Conklin, and Hamilton School Teacher of the Year Miss Horton were also celebrated for their impact on the students and the district as a whole.

Further, the board welcomed Ms. Orlando as the new middle school and high school principal. With overwhelming support from board members, Ms. Orlando’s commitment to bridging academic excellence with emotional intelligence was highlighted. She vowed to focus on marrying the instructional and social emotional pieces of education to promote students’ overall growth.

Meanwhile, the board navigated the upcoming academic year’s challenges, touching upon subjects like course planning and the allocation of grants. A noteworthy part of the discussion centered around class sizes and the careful balancing of student opportunities with teacher workloads. New textbooks for AP European History and AP Economics were also approved.

Additionally, in light of the borough of Glen Rock’s Pride Month proclamation, the board received praise from public attendees for their stance on LGBTQ+ inclusivity in education. The board’s efforts to foster a safe and welcoming environment for all students were lauded.

In a touching moment of student recognition, a student, Dean, was appreciated for his role in creating the TV show “Charleston in Charge.” Dean’s leadership in script development and filming was commended, further emphasizing the strength of the student-administration relationship.

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