Glen Rock Council Allocates $750,000 for Recreation; Major Share for Library Renovations

In a significant move, the Glen Rock Borough Council has allocated $750,000, received from the state budget for recreational purposes, with the library taking the lion’s share for a new elevator. The decision followed consultations with various community recreational groups and focused on projects that would benefit the broader community.

The allocation saw the library receiving $500,000, primarily for a new elevator, highlighting the facility’s role in serving a wide demographic in Glen Rock. The importance of the library was further emphasized during the meeting, as it was described as the “center of learning and intellectual growth.” The decision to fund the library’s elevator forms part of broader renovations required there. Faber’s lighting received $200,000, with an additional amount from previous bonds. The hockey rink is set to get a facelift with a $50,000 allotment.

Following the allocation discussion, the council addressed a recent act of vandalism at Faber. Local youngsters were suspected of leaving tire marks and damages on the grass. With the Glen Rock Police Department having filed a report and the damages under an insurance claim, the council called on parents to ensure their children respected community properties.

Amid praises for community groups like the Glen Rock Guild and the Glen Rock PBA for their recent events and fundraisers, concerns about a potential increase in anti-Semitic incidents or violence were raised. The council reassured residents about increased police surveillance around worship places.

Furthermore, the Glen Rock Library’s significance was accentuated with the acknowledgment of the National Friends of Libraries Week. The volunteers’ dedication was celebrated, with the Mayor and Council proclaiming October 15th to 21st in support of the Glen Rock friends of the library.

On the legislative front, two ordinances were introduced. The first, number 1911, concerns the acquisition of a new $2 million ladder firetruck. The second, ordinance number 1912, focuses on addressing vacant storefronts in Glen Rock.

Amy Martin, a council member, highlighted community events including a styrofoam collection day and a tech-help event organized by Glen Rock students for seniors. Meanwhile, a series on caregiving and a workshop addressing the mental health challenges of seasonal change were announced.

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