Glen Rock Residents Rally for Needed Library Repairs

The recent Glen Rock Borough Council meeting shed light on issues concerning the aging infrastructure of the town’s library, eliciting impassioned pleas from residents and officials alike. With challenges like multiple roof leaks and an outdated HVAC system, many underscored the library’s pivotal role in the community and the dire need for crucial renovations.

Rachel Feer, president of the Board of trustees of the library, spotlighted the severity of the library’s current state. “The library, as I know you all know, is a unique town resource in that it can be used by all residents,” Feer remarked. Supporting her sentiments, resident Georgine Bettered emphasized the importance of the library, stating, “The library is truly a bastion of learning.” Both highlighted the library’s current non-compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), particularly concerning for disabled residents.

Mayor Kristine Morieko addressed these concerns, revealing unsuccessful attempts to secure a one-for-one library match grant. Despite setbacks, she announced the award of $250,000 from the state, intended for roof repairs for the library, Borough Hall, and the fire department. Morieko reaffirmed the council’s commitment to address the library’s needs, emphasizing that past leaks were handled promptly.

Outside of the library’s predicament, the council honored several events and causes. The 100th anniversary of the Glen Rock Garden Club was recognized, celebrating its contribution to the borough’s beautification. Fire Prevention Week from October 8th to 14th, 2023, was also highlighted, along with the efforts of the local Volunteer Fire Department in promoting prevention education.

Breast Cancer Awareness and the opioid crisis took center stage as the council drew attention to these pressing health concerns. October was designated to raise breast cancer awareness, emphasizing early detection and the importance of support for those affected. Furthermore, the council designated October 6th as “Knockout Opioid Abuse Day” to shed light on opioid dependency and the need for recovery support.

Multiple departmental reports touched on various community initiatives. Council Member Marking celebrated the Arts Council’s plein air event, while Council Member Gilbert reminded everyone of ongoing stage two water restrictions. Council Member O’R thanked the Glen Rock Fire Department for their unwavering dedication and noted upcoming community events.

The meeting also touched upon the future of the Nabisco site, which would be transformed into a warehouse. Morieko listed conditions for accepting the warehouse proposal, aiming to address vehicular traffic concerns and potential impacts on Hamilton students and local cyclists.

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