Glen Rock Zoning Board Approves Two Variance Requests

In a recent Glen Rock Zoning Board meeting, two variance requests sparked debate, ultimately resulting in their approval. The board thoroughly discussed the merits of each request, taking into consideration the irregular shapes of properties and non-conforming existing structures.

One of the highlights of the meeting was a variance request by the Powers family for a deck at the back of their residence at 35 Thurston Terrace. The Powers emphasized the need for the variance due to the irregular shape of their property and existing structures. Interestingly, the proximity of Perry’s agricultural farm behind the house played a role in the board’s decision-making. The board gave the green light for the application, though not unanimously, with Mr. William Mitchell casting a dissenting vote.

Another focal point of the evening was a variance request presented by Caitlyn Oland and Siara TI for their Glen Rock residences. Their property posed a unique challenge due to its irregular shape and non-conforming measurements on all sides, requiring several deviations from the standard requirements. For instance, instead of the standard 50 feet setback, they proposed 24.6 feet, aligning with the existing structure.

Oland and TI took pains to provide a comprehensive view of their situation, showing photos of neighboring properties to illustrate that their proposed changes were consistent with the neighborhood. They underscored that their request was not about expansion but rather adapting the current structure to their needs. The discussion brought to light the challenges faced by homeowners in the area due to the smaller sizes and irregular shapes of properties.

Throughout the meeting, board members were proactive in seeking clarifications and ensuring transparency. A notable moment came when Mr. Denley Chew raised a concern about the clarity of the agenda, leading to a detailed discussion on the “egg farm variance.” The board clarified that this specific variance was not approved as it wasn’t required.

After comprehensive deliberations, the board unanimously approved Oland and TI’s variance request for their property at 11 Amherst Court. The meeting wrapped up with a motion to adjourn, which found immediate support and approval.

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