Glen Rock Zoning Board Navigates Tricky Terrains of Variances in Recent Meeting

In a recent meeting of the Glen Rock Zoning Board, a swath of property variances were dissected, debated, and determined, highlighting the importance of adherence to zoning ordinances and the intricate nature of their application.

Perhaps the most contentious issue of the night centered on a homeowner’s request for two variances at 65 Glen Avenue. The Lamberts, seeking a front yard and a side front yard variance, claimed specific constraints from their property’s location and the existing building’s position. Their plans involved adding an open roof over the existing stoop and constructing a one-story addition.

The board examined each element of the proposed plan, taking into account the impact of an existing air conditioning unit and the narrow width of the property. They agreed to label the air conditioning unit, existing gravel, and pavers as pre-existing non-conforming elements, asking the Lamberts to adjust the dimensions of these features in their revised plan.

Adding further intrigue to the night’s agenda was a somewhat problematic case pertaining to a property whose structure was built not entirely according to the specifications. The licensed professional planner, Ms. Keller, argued that the errors were unintentional and did not result in substantial visual or practical impact on the neighborhood.

The homeowner, Jason St. Loafer, expressed the discrepancies arose from misunderstandings in the original plans. Due to the lack of specific dimensions from the architect, framers had inadvertently extended an overhang beyond the stipulated limit, leading to a five-foot projection instead of the required three. Moreover, the front porch was built incorrectly, extending farther than intended.

While the discrepancies were unintentional, the discussion brought to light the crucial role of specificity and communication in such architectural endeavors. Interestingly, Nir Zuckerman, a community member intending to purchase the house, endorsed the variance, emphasizing the house’s aesthetic value to the neighborhood.

In another part of the meeting, the board considered an application for a family room addition to a property. The proposal received general approval, despite encroaching 1.25 feet towards the property line. However, board member Daniel warned the presenter and homeowners about potential variances if the actual build exceeded the proposed limits, emphasizing the importance of “wiggle room” in construction plans.

A bit of local history ended the meeting on an exciting note when it was revealed that the property in question might have historical significance, possibly being related to a former mayor of Glen Rock.

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