Hackensack City Council Recognizes Milestones, Addresses Community Concerns and Progresses on Urban Development

In a recent meeting, the Hackensack City Council addressed several pressing community issues and celebrated key milestones. The council recognized the 100th anniversary of the Majestic Temple and mourned the passing of local baseball coach, Jamie Canal. Mayor John Labrosse condemned the recent Hamas attack on Israel while expressing concern for innocent Gaza residents. Furthermore, the council discussed planned redevelopment projects, local park improvements, and efforts to mitigate local flooding, all while maintaining a zero municipal tax levy increase for the third consecutive year.

Mayor Labrosse began the meeting by celebrating the Majestic Temple’s 100th anniversary, recognizing the organization’s contributions, which include drive-through food pantries and annual Veterans Day and Memorial Day wreath displays. The mayor also expressed sadness over the loss of Jamie Canal, a Hackensack resident known for his dedication to baseball and youth mentorship. The council members shared their condolences and appreciation for Canal’s community involvement.

Amongst the topics discussed, the council highlighted their redevelopment plans for the Main Street YMCA, which aims to convert the location into 400 residential units and an open space. Another redevelopment plan for 107 units at 111 Essic Street was introduced, which is currently undergoing a study to determine if it qualifies as an area of redevelopment. The council also mentioned a proposed project for 100% affordable housing at the 101 site.

Addressing concerns about city parks, the council discussed measures to restrict parking to park users only. The council also highlighted the Open Space Trust Fund, a mechanism that accumulates money for park maintenance and improvements, reducing the need for tax increases.

Mayor Labrosse expressed his horror at the recent Hamas terrorist attack on Israeli civilians and drew parallels to the pain experienced by Hackensack residents after the 9/11 attacks. While emphasizing Israel’s right to self-defense, he also expressed concern for the innocent residents of Gaza living under Hamas. Labrosse called for steps to minimize harm to civilians and ensure access to essential resources.

Significant progress was reported on various construction projects in the city. Demolition work at Carver Park started, and the contractor obtained the necessary permits. Other improvements included paving projects and intersection upgrades at multiple locations. The council also addressed concerns about flooding in Schiavone Park and Foschini Park, assuring residents of ongoing efforts to alleviate the issue without raising taxes.

The council concluded the meeting by addressing public comments, including concerns about the completion date for Carver Park. The council assured residents that the park would be ready for the coming summer. The meeting ended with a motion to adjourn the executive session, during which discussions took place regarding a new lawsuit related to the Sears site and a case filed by Mr. Basquez.

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