Hackensack Struggles to Select School Board Member

In a recent Hackensack School Board meeting, a contentious debate regarding the selection of a new board member took center stage, alongside insightful discussions of innovative education strategies and academic achievements.

The board member selection process, initially straightforward, evolved into a complex and intense discussion. Three contenders were nominated out of 11 applicants: Mr. Kenneth Martin, Dr. Sophia Brown, and Mr. Andrew Meehan. Supporters of Martin appreciated his experience as a School Resource Officer, but concerns arose regarding potential conflicts of interest. In recent years, school resource officers have driven controversy as they have sometimes been shown to negatively impact the experience of some children of color. Meanwhile, Brown was admired for her passion for children’s welfare and comprehensive approach to pandemic-induced issues, while Meehan was lauded for his passion and education.

In the first round of votes, Martin received the most votes, however, a deadlock arose as the board’s voting process required a five-vote majority. This lead to fervent reconsiderations of votes. Andrew Meehan was eventually appointed, marking a climax in a process filled with rigorous debate and indecisiveness.

Elsewhere in the meeting, the Board presented the New Jersey State Seal of Biliteracy awards to Hackensack high school seniors proficient in English and at least one other language, fostering a spirit of multilingualism. Two students were applauded for excelling in advanced placement Spanish language and culture tests, as well as the advanced placement literature and culture test. The Board also acknowledged the teachers who guided these students to their achievements.

One of the key educational strategies discussed was the implementation of an alternative program for students struggling in traditional settings. The proposed program seeks to cater to individual student needs with a focus on smaller classes, later start times, and an in-depth curriculum. The structure of the program would ensure these students operate separately from the traditional school day, providing an opportunity for them to succeed.

Assistant Principal Patty Lizano highlighted the program’s unique features, including academic specialists in every class, flexible schedules, and the potential for transitioning between day and evening programs. The program was billed as a comprehensive effort to help students overcome social-emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges, all too prevalent in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other significant issues tackled in the meeting included the board’s response to criticism over public infighting and potential modifications to the speaking time of board members. Furthermore, the board expressed concerns about the safety implications of a resolution that would allow New Jersey school bus drivers to only require an S endorsement rather than a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

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